About E.G.A.L.S.

EGALS is a women's fast-pitch league that emphasizes fun and good sportsmanship, with a competitive edge :)  We encourage women of all experience and levels to come out and play with us. Unlike many other leagues that register teams, we register individuals (this way you don't need to already have an alliance with a team to play in our league) and then pick teams based on a player's experience, position, and playing level. You can even request to be placed on a team with up to three other players (although we can't guarantee that you'll be on the same team, we do the best that we can to honor your request). We play games at 7 pm and 9 pm on either Tuesday or Wednesday nights (you will play only one night and one time-slot unless you have a rain make-up game). 

We are insured with the Ontario Amateur Softball Association (OASA) and follow their rules. All games are umpired by a qualified umpire.

2019 Rules - list of rules/regulations for all players

Important Dates


  • May 8 - Meet Your Team

7PM - River Drive Park C.C.

Oak St, RDP

  • May 14 - First Game

  • July 25 - All-Star Game

  • September 28 - Banquet

7PM - Mount Albert C.C.

How to Register / Join


Registration fee: $200
(cash, Paypal, or cheque)

Early Bird fee: $175
(available until December 31, 2018)

2019 Registration Form

Season runs from mid-May to the end of September

Where We Play

All of our games are held at the Queensville Baseball Diamond.

For all the GPS owners or Google Map Ladies the FireHall is beside the diamond and has the address:

1590 Queensville Sideroad East, East Gwillimbury, Ontario